Mira H. Steuer

Actor/Filmmaker Buffalo, New York

Mira is a storyteller. She wrote and illustrated her first book at age 5 (dictated to her mom) and has written poetry, prose, monologues, and screenplays since. As an actor she has had the honor to work on stage and set with some of the most accomplished directors and actors in Western New York. As a filmmaker she has directed several films that have won awards in film festivals and is excited about several projects currently in production including the feature film Honeybee which will be released in 2023. She is attending Ohio University as part of their Honors Tutorial College where she is studying film production, acting and writing.

On the set of Honeybee

Mira H. Steuer mirahsteuer@gmail.com

Buffalo 48 Hour Film Festival The 11th Commandment
At the premier of Chicken Strips North Park Theatre Buffalo, NY
As Louise in Nuncrakers O’Connell & Company
As Leather Apron in 1776 O’Connell & Company

But thanks to a wonderful portrayal by Mira Steuer, filled with spirit and verve, we have clarity. Here we meet Annika. The talented Steuer, a high school freshman, is tonally perfect as the precocious 15-year-old. She plays her age above all other traits, which means we see Frank as she might actually have been: scared and confused, as most were at that time, but also passionate, easily sparked, hormonally charged. Even in David Dwyer’s detailed set and Nicholas Quinn’s impressionistic lighting, Steuer’s emotional base coat is the production’s most refreshing quality.” -Ben Siegel The Buffalo News 2/10/2018

“All 21 women in this production of “1776” bring a unique, fresh take to their as-written male character…it’s easily evident that each member of this cast took the time to research their character, develop relevant mannerisms, and distinguish themselves from their fellow delegates, avoiding the common pitfall of less-talented “1776” casts: not enough deliniage between characters. ….this cast of “1776” features a cohort of witty, sharp, diverse women who breathe some life into the show. While “1776” is one of the less musical musicals out there, this production features talented singers who excel at both the large ensemble numbers like “Sit Down, John”, as well as the slower ballads…” -Colin Fleming-Stumpf Buffalo Theatre Guide 4/28/2019